You’re the boss

Editors sometimes feel as if we serve three—or four—masters.

First, and most importantly, we exist to serve our authors. You’ve put the time and sweat into creating a manuscript that will become a book. So preserving your author’s voice and your story are number one.

Second, we serve the reader. If your manuscript doesn’t evolve to become a book that people love to read, your voice and story will be unheard. So editing your manuscript with the reader in mind while explaining the changes we suggest helps you become a better writer, and delivers a product that gets five-star reviews.

Third, we follow the rules of grammar and style to bring clarity and consistency to your work—but we’re not slaves to rules. We work with you to produce a professionally edited book that reflects your unique writer’s voice and any specialty “exceptions to the rules” that bring your words to life.

And finally, editors share our own talents and experience with you as we work together to make your book the best it can be. Every editor has a unique background that combines education, past work, and (in my case anyway) vast reading experience. Plus, I just love working with words and with authors! There’s no job more fun in the world.

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