IMG_20190511_182247I’m a lifelong bookworm and editor by trade. I’ve worked for magazines, newspapers, publishers and in marketing departments.

I’ve been an editor since high school — I’ve worked on newspapers, magazines, and nonfiction and fiction books. I’ve put my Indiana University English degree to good use! You can find me on LinkedIn here.

I LOVE working with writers. I’m one myself, so my perspective on the editing process is always tempered to a writer’s sensibilities. I’m also an inveterate reader, so whenever I’m working on a book, I’m editing with the reader in mind.

Here’s what I do really well: Work in a writer’s voice. YOUR voice. I’m like a writer ventriloquist. I’ve worked for bowhunters (and I’m not a hunter), for engineers (believe me, not one), a religious publisher (not my religion) and for an African-American newspaper (again, which I’m not). Shoot me a dozen pages as a trial, and I’ll show you.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Indie authors a specialty. Help with manuscript writing, editing, proofreading, book promo writing (blurbs), ebook formatting and submission.
  • Copyediting, light or heavy, fiction or nonfiction
  • Proofreading
  • Back cover blurbs
  • Amazon (and other) book descriptions
  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Author platform coaching (Yes, you can do it yourself!)
  • Newsletter writing, editing and sending
  • Ad copy
  • Website support (WordPress and other content management system help; content management, blog support)
  • And if you’d like to learn to be a better writer, I’m happy to help.

Can work on/in any medium from paper to cloud documents. Google Docs a specialty. I work on a PC but in 2019 compatibility with Mac machines is not a problem.

Deadlines taken seriously. Flexibility in adapting to your work flow.

If someone’s told you that you need an author platform, I can help you build it. The last three years I’ve had the opportunity to work with authors in helping them build their author platform. Especially for folks just getting started, I recommend a focused, stripped-down approach that’s not too overwhelming that includes a website, newsletter, Facebook author page (and eventually a group), Instagram, Amazon author page and if you’re feeling wild, Twitter. There’s a lot more out there, but if you’re busy writing, you want to utilize your social time for the best results. I can help you do that.

I’ve worked on websites and in social media since the turn of the century (I know!) This site? I used my experience with WordPress and other web content-management systems to build it. I can help you, too.

One more thing. Have you ever heard of a MOOC? It’s a Massive Open Online Course. I love poetry, and though that love have earned two certificates from, and have been selected as a community teaching assistant for, one of the largest MOOCs in the world, Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo), offered through the University of Pennsylvania. More about ModPo here.