Rates are reasonable, and I have openings for work immediately. Let me know your deadline — I have a healthy respect for them!

I’m happy to submit an editing sample of a dozen pages from your manuscript, and will work with you on style. With any service, I”ll provide a short (a page or less) critique highlighting things to work on — and things that were great.

Services available:

  • Line editing with light developmental editing (I’ll clean up your language and make your story clear and your style consistent for your readers, and point out places where the story needs some work.)
  • Copy editing (I’ll correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I’ll fact-check, look for inconsistencies and spot problems you might have missed.)
  • Proofreading (A final read of your manuscript, with an eagle eye out for typos, punctuation, formatting, and grammar.)
  • Writing: Book description, book synopsis, cover copy, ad copy
  • Author platform support (Help in setting up social media platforms, posting ideas and direction, establishing a web site, and starting an email newsletter.)

If, after a sample edit, you’re ready to go, I’ll send a contract to you to sign (as I will), which will detail payment, time frame, confidentiality and agreeable termination. A 25% down payment is required before work can begin.

I work in Google Docs and, depending on the type of service, will use in “Edit” or “Suggest” for changes. The document can be saved in several formats, including Word.

Rates are determined by word count or by time, depending on the type of manuscript and the amount of editing needed. Determination will be made after a sample is submitted and reviewed by the writer and the editor. Rates are set in accordance with the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines.

I’d love to talk to you about your project! Contact me here.