I’ve worked with so many awesome people. Here are just three of them:

I have worked with Cathy Dee as a publishing colleague for more than ten years. In that time, Cathy proved to be a stellar editor, project lead and content creator.  She has a sharp eye and strong attention to detail. Cathy has the unique ability to pull together disparate threads into a single, cohesive and compelling project. She is organized, driven by deadlines and remains timely and current in today’s fast-paced digital world. I highly recommend Cathy for her strong editing, writing and content development skillset as well her delightful demeanor. You want Cathy on your team! — Heidi Busse, writer and editor

Having known and worked with Cathy Dee for more than two decades, I would strongly recommend her as an editor and media professional. She is a perfect combination of professionalism, integrity, and creativity. Not to mention, she is a joy to be around. — Matthew Bunson, writer and media commentator

Working with Cathy has been a wonderful experience. After a dozen editors who all fell short, Cathy covers all the bases. With a solid knowledge of grammar and punctuation she covers the fundamentals, but it is the extra effort, pointing out inconsistencies and plot holes that really sets her apart. There’s tough love when you need it and ‘atta boys when you nail it. Cathy meets her deadlines and is professional through the entire process. I don’t release a word unless she checks it first. — Steven Becker, author