Everything’s related

Sunset from Marathon, Florida

And I mean more than the internet of things, although I really like it when our new Ring doorbell shoots me a video when there’s movement near our front door.

No, I mean more like when past experience come in more-than-handy in present experience.

I just finished editing Steven Becker’s latest addition to his Storm series of books. It’s action and adventure set in Italy, from Rome to Sicily and back again, with more than a couple detours to my new favorite place, the Florida Keys.

My experience with all things Catholic helped me as I edited scenes set in the Vatican, and our recent vacation that included a day trip to Key Largo was exactly the experience I needed to draw on when editing the scenes set there.

“Write what you know” is a cliche I don’t always agree with, but is certainly a good foundation to start. Nobody ever says “edit what you know,” yet editors have specialties and areas of interest just like writers.

What’s important is to be ready to grow, learn and jump in (or step off the swim platform), with your Chicago Manual of Style in hand. (Figuratively speaking, of course, who wants to drown an expensive book?)

One reason I love editing is, it’s so collaborative. Working with an author, learning their writing style, helping to craft their words into a better product, is just very satisfying.

Shoot me a page or five, and let’s see how we can make your manuscript the best it can me!

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