Edit, work, play

I just finished editing the latest in the Kurt Hunter series for author Steven Becker, and I’ve never had more fun working on a book. Here’s the blurb I shared on social:

Finding dead bodies is nothing new to Park Service Special Agent Kurt Hunter–but having one show up in the park headquarter’s parking lot puts a different spin on his investigation. The suspects range from his neighbor to a co-worker to a fish and wildlife officer, and Kurt needs all the expertise his CSI wife, Justine, can give to match a most unlikely murder weapon to the killer. Hop aboard Kurt’s center console for a wild ride though the backwaters of Biscayne Bay’s mangroves to the maze of Miami’s river canals as this California transplant solves a most, ah, crusty crime.

Sounds fun, huh? One thing about a job like this: It requires you to be a curious, enthusiastic learner.

First, I learn more about editing with every job I do, whether at work, where we use mostly AP style, and freelance bookediting, where I depend on CMS. (And yes, I do sometimes get them mixed up in my head. For example, space around em dashes. Yes at work, no during freelancing, have definitely had to do a few search-and-replace.) But there are so many intricacies and exceptions and weirdnesses and things that make you go OH when editing anything. Gotta be honest, sometimes it feels as if you’re making it up as you go along.

Second, I learn so much about whatever the writing is about. I started my career (not making this up) working for bowhunters. Here I am, a few decades later, learning about boating, lobstering, fishing, scuba diving, diving, and life in the Keys. Luckily, since I’ve always lived in the Great Lakes area, it’s not like I’m totally unfamiliar with marine life, but yea. No lobsters, sharks, tarpons or even tides on Lake Erie.

What’ll I be learning about next? Can’t wait to find out!

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