Cohesive, yet strangely disparate

When I recently added my experience on a site, I was struck by not only its depth and breadth, but its weirdly diasporic nature.

Ponder the laundry list of subjects I’ve written about, and/or edited, and/or managed, and/or created:

  • Bowhunting and outdoor life
  • Reporting/editing on the African American community
  • Environmental and civil engineering
  • Catholicism
  • Business writing and reporting, particularly of small businesses
  • Neighborhood news
  • Poetry
  • Books, nonfiction
  • Books, fiction
  • Social media
  • Author platforms
  • Fiction editing, adventure genre

So I guess if you asked me what I specialized in, that would be a very rambling conversation.

Bottom line, I can write or edit anything, market it, social the heck out of it, and even enjoy reading it.

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